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Our Past Events 

Parent Alliance of Black Scholars Hosts Third Annual Rites of Passage 2018

Parent Alliance of Black Scholars Hosts First Annual Rites of Passage 2016

The Parent Alliance of Black Scholars, also known as PABS, hosted the Inspire 2016: Rites of Passage event on May 20 honoring students graduating to middle school, high school, and college.

A rites of passage ceremony is a community celebration marking the transition from one life phase to another and serves to inspire each generation, instill roles and responsibilities, and foster pride in their accomplishments.

“Students need to understand that they are not alone,” Nina Jennings, event chair and vice president of operations for PABS, said about the event.

Jennings went on to explain how Rites of Passage connects students to their community and the multigenerational support system.

“It is an honor to celebrate and reflect on the struggles and successes that we all share,” Jennings said.

PABS is dedicated to the education, empowerment, and mobilization of Black students in the Bellevue School District.

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